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Stacy's Tips on Fighting Endometriosis

1) Drink water. Lots of pure or filtered water. I drink about 2 gallons of water each and every day. If I drink less water, I feel much more tired and achey. This I highly recommend, for the amount of benefit received for the amount of effort extended.

2) Eat right! There is all sorts of information online regarding the endometriosis diet.  Usually this entails cutting out wheat and dairy from your diet.  Read about the different diets, and adjust them to fit your own lifestyle and what your body needs.  I had the best results eliminating refined/processed carbs from my diet, such as sugar and white flour.  If you dont find much info while searching for endo diet, try the yeast (candidiasis) diet - they are very similar.

3) Try to remain positive and have a good attitude. I realize this is not possible 100% of the time, but you will never improve if you insist on wallowing in your own self-pity. Depression can and will eventually kill you if you let it. Seek professional help or a second opinion if you must. Do not associate with negative people if at all possible. Find someone with a positive attitude to discuss your problems with, sometimes talking about it can be the best medicine.

4) Develop a support network. Either a group of friends, a chatroom, email list, message forum, etc., whatever makes you feel better. The best thing about the online support is that there are people worldwide with endometriosis, and you are sure to find someone else awake when you need to talk.

5) Find the best doctor you can. What makes a doctor great for you might not be the same as what I was looking for in a doctor. Write down your concerns and questions and find a doctor who answers them to your satisfaction and calms your fears instead of making them worse.

6) Dont be afraid to try alternative methods of treating endo. Many have found benefit from acupuncture, herbs, meditation, etc. Who cares if people think youre a kook if it makes you feel better? I personally had great results using wild yam cream.

7) Make feeling better your number one priority. Focus on yourself, be selfish. You deserve to get better.

The Story of My Battle with Endometriosis

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