Stacy's Page

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Stacy's Baby Slings

Baby Slings are so easy and fun to make!

This is the first sling I ever made.
Consisting of unbleached cotton fabric and metal rings.

This is the same sling, after being tiedyed.

I use a variation of the MayaWrap pattern, which can be found at or  I prefer this last one, though, as the pleated shoulder is much more comfortable and spreads the weight across your back instead of your shoulder and neck.
All my more recent slings consist of either lightweight 100% unbleached cotton (tiedyed or natural) or a heavier weight solid color cotton, and nylon rings from
I make these slings based on my own personal preferences, and what I've found to work through my own trial and error.  :)

a couple of my most recent creations
now with pleated shoulder for more comfort